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Ambrosino Law Group is a boutique law firm with over 20 years’ experience practicing exclusively in the area of family law. We act for clients in all types of family law cases. We are experienced advocates who resolve our clients’ legal issues through negotiation, mediation, arbitration or litigation. Our services include:

  • drafting, negotiating and executing domestic contracts, including cohabitation agreements, marriage contracts and separation agreements;
  • advancing claims arising out of marriages and common-law relationships, including:
    • custody and access to children, by parents and other family members;
    • mobility rights;
    • child and spousal support, including issues related to income determination;
    • temporary orders regarding the above, as well as restraining orders, freezing orders, orders for exclusive occupancy of the matrimonial home and others;
  • determining property division between separating spouses;
  • advancing equitable claims (against property) arising out of common-law relationships;
  • child protection, including cases involving the Children’s Aid Society;
  • inter-jurisdictional and foreign matters;
  • enforcement issues (e.g. claims related to child or spousal support), such as those involving the Family Responsibility Office;
  • applications to vary or change pre-existing court orders or agreements;
  • applications for divorce;
  • foreign marriage and /or divorce opinions.

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